Central Virginia Waste Management AuthorityWe refer all of our solid waste customers to the CVWMA (Central Virginia Waste Management Authority) for Curbside recycling. TFC is the contractor that was awarded the recycling contract through the CVWMA and executes the collection. TFC’s contract with the CVWMA doesn’t expire until 2023 and prices are fixed for the next 6 years. Like Zan’s, TFC is family-owned with over 17 years of recycling experience in Chesterfield County and operates the largest MRF (materials recovery facility) in central Virginia. TFC is the only company recycling glass, while all other recycling collection companies dump it at the landfill. Additionally, TFC recycles 90% of the recyclables it collects and pays Chesterfield County a rebate of $20.00 per ton for every recycle ton it collects, which equates to $200,000.00 in annual benefits to the county’s recycling programs.

Please read our “What Can Be Recycled” page if you have any questions.


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